Call for Reviewers & Associate Editors

National Call for Community-Based Volunteers: Peer Reviewers & Associate Editors

Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP)

On April 1, 2018, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine welcomed the re-location of the Editorial Offices of the Johns Hopkins University Press journal, Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP), to the Bronx.  Nancy Glassman and Racheline Habousha have succeeded Adela Mizrachi as Managing Editors and Hal Strelnick has succeeded Darius Tandon as Editor-in-Chief.  As is common in such transitions, a number of Associate Editors have also decided to move on now, leaving vacancies on the journal’s editorial board.

Peer ReviewersThe journal is interested in achieving a better balance between community-based editors and reviewers and those based in academic institutions.  Peer reviewers receive an invitation to read and give us feedback on a manuscript submitted to the journal for publication and rarely are asked to review more than twice per year.  Ideally, these reviews are completed in 3-4 weeks.  We use a secure website, ScholarOne, for communicating confidentially about the manuscripts.  We welcome anyone interested in volunteering to help us!

Associate Editors: As noted above, we have about a half-dozen vacancies for Associate Editors on our editorial team.  Each newly submitted manuscript is assigned to an Associate Editor, who assigns Peer Reviewers from the journal’s database or individuals who the authors recommend. Since many reviewers are busy, we regularly have to invite more than three to reach our goal. The journal seeks to have three peer reviewers for every manuscript.  When PCHP has received the three confidential reviews in the ScholarOne system, the Associate Editors prepare a summary based on their own reading of the manuscript and the feedback received from the peer reviewers. The Associate Editors then share their assessments during a 90-minute videoconference discussion held every other week with all the available Associate Editors, led by the Editor-in-Chief.  The group then makes a decision on whether accept the manuscript as is, ask the authors to make major or minor revisions, reject the manuscript but invite the authors to re-submit a much revised manuscript, or reject the manuscript outright.  The Associate Editors work with the authors throughout the revision process.  Associate Editors receive about one manuscript per month.

If you are interested in volunteering as either a Peer Reviewer, Associate Editor, or both, please send us your resume, areas of interest and expertise, and your contact information to,

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