Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research

Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics cover
James M. DuBois, Washington University in St. Louis;
Ana S. Iltis, Wake Forest University; and
Heidi Walsh, Washington University in St. Louis

In Other Words: Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

In Other Words: Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics
Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB) provides a forum for exploring current issues in bioethics through the publication and analysis of personal stories, qualitative and mixed-methods research articles, and case studies. Articles may address the experiences of patients and research participants as well as health care workers and researchers. NIB is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of bioethical issues by engaging rich descriptions of complex human experiences. While NIB upholds appropriate standards for narrative inquiry and qualitative research, it seeks to publish articles that will appeal to a broad readership of health care providers and researchers, bioethicists, sociologists, policy makers, and others.