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03/13/23: Research on political violence in Greece by Lamprini Rori, Vasiliki Georgiadou, and Costas Roumanias published in Journal of Modern Greek Studies is noted by Leila Barghouty in The Washington Post.

03/10/23: Scholarship by Susan Lawrence and Susan E. Lederer on the history of body donation for medial research published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine is noted in The Conversation


03/03/23: African American Review's recent special issue on William Demby was noted in a collection of Black literature curated by Adam Bradley in The New York Times Magazine 



03/03/23: Research from Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved on treatment disparities among African American men with depression is noted in Men's Health

02/28/23: New York Magazine's Eric Levitz references scholarship on Central America's economic recovery from Covid-19 in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 



02/27/23:   A 2019 essay by Arthur Frank on suffering published in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine is referenced by Steven Mintz in his Inside Higher Ed opinion piece

What's Up : A selection of this month's most viewed Hopkins Press Journal articles on Project MUSE




1. The Diversity of Institutions Conducting Biomedical Research
Jeffrey S. Flier
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Ahead of Print
2. Why Latin America's Democracies Are Stuck
Scott Mainwaring  and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán 
Journal of Democracy, Volume 34, Number 1, January 2023
3. 9 Where is the Reciprocity? Notes on Solidarity from the Field
Naoko Shibusawa 
Journal of Asian American Studies, Volume 25, Number 2, June 2022
4. Representation and Mind-Body Identity in Spinoza’s Philosophy
Karolina Hübner 
Journal of the History of Philosophy, Volume 60, Number 1, January 2022
5. New Leaves: Riffling the History of Digital Pagination
Martin Paul Eve 
Book History, Volume 25, Issue 2, Fall 2022
6. Exclusion of the Psychopathologized and Hermeneutical Ignorance Threaten Objectivity
Bennett Knox
Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Volume 29, Number 4, December 2022
7. How New Technologies Spread: Lessons from Computing Technologies
James W. Cortada 
Technology and Culture, Volume 54, Number 2, April 2013
8. Cultural Humility Versus Cultural Competence: A Critical Distinction in Defining Physician Training Outcomes in Multicultural Education
Melanie Tervalon & Jann Murray-García
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, Volume 9, Number 2, May 1998
9. Radical Change Theory, Youth Information Behavior, and School Libraries
Eliza T. Dresang and Kyungwon Koh 
Library Trends, Volume 58, Number 1, Summer 2009
10. Transnationalism and Anti-Globalism
Johannes Voelz
College Literature, Volume 44, Number 4, Fall 2017



















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Cover image of Lutheran Quarterly
Lutheran Quarterly
Editors :

Paul Rorem, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ

30th Anniversary
Cover image of Journal of Early Christian Studies
Journal of Early Christian Studies
Editor :

Stephen J. Shoemaker, University of Oregon

Cover image of The Hopkins Review
The Hopkins Review
Editor in Chief :

Dora Malech, Johns Hopkins University

Cover image of ELH
Senior Editor :

Jeanne-Marie Jackson, Johns Hopkins University