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Executive Staff

Barbara Kline Pope

Executive Director
Hopkins Press
image of Barbara Kline Pope

Diem Bloom

Director of Publishing Operations
Hopkins Press Books
photo of Diem Bloom

William Breichner

Journals Publisher
Hopkins Press Journals
photo of William Breichner

Davida Breier

Director of HFS & Co-Director of Marketing and Sales
Hopkins Fulfillment Service, Hopkins Press Books
Davida Breier

Greg Britton

Editorial Director
Hopkins Press Books
Image of Greg Britton Editorial Director

Julia Lynton-Brown

Director of People, Culture, and Equity
Hopkins Press
photo of Julia Lynton-Brown

Wendy Queen

Project MUSE
photo of Wendy Queen

Erik A. Smist

Associate Executive Director & Senior Director of Finance and Administration
Hopkins Press
photo of Erik Smist

Heidi Vincent

Co-Director of Marketing & Sales
Hopkins Press Books
image of Heidi Vincent