Meet Davida Breier

Director of HFS & Co-Director of Marketing and Sales
Hopkins Fulfillment Service, Hopkins Press Books

Davida Breier is Co-Director, Sales and Marketing for the Books Division and Director of Hopkins Fulfillment Services (HFS). Her responsibilities include collaborating with the other Co-Director in creating strategic direction and vision for all worldwide marketing and sales aspects of the book division, ensuring maximum dissemination of ideas, and achieving financial goals. She oversees domestic and international sales, special sales, industry and society exhibits, and any new distribution channels developed to effectively reach audiences for JHUP and client presses. As director of HFS, she oversees the distribution of print and electronic products for JHUP and for 15 client presses. Prior to working at JHUP, she was Marketing Director at National Book Network and Sales and Marketing Director at Biblio Distribution. Her debut novel, Sinkhole, was published by The University of New Orleans Press. She has her BFA from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.