"SEL, a leading journal in its field, is indispensable reading for those interested in frontier scholarship and criticism on English literature."

-J. Hillis Miller
Department of English & Comparative Literature
University of California, Irvine

"Of the important journals in my field(s)--journals like ELR, ELH, RQ, Representations--I thinkSEL is the one most committed to soliciting and printing good work by younger scholars at the graduate student and untenured faculty levels."

-Harry Berger Jr.
Emeritus Professor of Literature
University of California

"Since my introduction to SEL as a graduate student I've remained a faithful (and grateful) reader. I know of no critical essays that have been of greater value to me in understanding the trajectory of literary studies than the ones in SEL devoted to a review of recent scholarship."

-James Shapiro
Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

". . . one of the few journals I consistently admire--and even read! Over these years of academic trends, it's kept its unique scholarly identity, becoming neither modish nor boring. The review essays alone are sensationally learned and helpful."

-Nina Auerbach
Department of English
University of Pennsylvania