Publication Ethics

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found here.

Peer Review Policy

ASAP/Journal publishes articles of interest to those studying post-1960s international literary, visual, performing, and media arts. We welcome essays about international art, artists, or arts movements of any kind, unrestricted by national, ethnic, religious, or gender borders and boundaries. ASAP/Journal uses ScholarOne, which is open-source, automated submission software: Essay submissions (6,000-8,000 words) should be prepared in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Articles of more than 8,000 words are not considered for publication; this count includes notes but excludes works-cited lists and translations, which should accompany foreign-language quotations. Interviews and dialogues should include an introduction of 500-1,000 words. Manuscripts in languages other than English are accepted for review but must be accompanied by a detailed summary in English (generally of 1,000–1,500 words) and must be translated into English if they are recommended for publication.

ASAP/Journal does not accept articles that have been previously published in any language; essays simultaneously under review by other journals will not be considered. ASAP/Journal does not publish unsolicited creative submissions, though we do encourage critical work in creative formats.

Subsequent to an initial editorial review, all essay content is double-blind peer reviewed by two readers in the general field of expertise of the submission. Reviewers are selected with the input of the journal’s Associate Editors in the field(s) of expertise corresponding with the essay topic. Pending the reviewer selection process, essays out for review are usually reviewed within 2-3 months, though if reviewer judgments are in conflict additional reviews become necessary. Once a manuscript is reviewed, the editors make a decision based on the reviewer judgment as to whether a) the essay is unsuitable for publication in ASAP/Journal and should be rejected,  b)  the essay is potentially suitable for  publication in ASAP/Journal  and should be revised and  resubmitted for further review, or c) the essay is suitable for publication in ASAP/Journal pending minor revision. For a revise and resubmit judgment, authors are advised to resubmit their revised essay within 2-3 months to undergo another round of review by the editorial board and peer review. For an accepted essay, we ask that authors revise their work for a forthcoming issue. The journal editors then present a line-edited version of the text for author review before the copyediting process.

Reviews for informal pieces (interviews, conversations, editorial forums, etc.) are completed by the editors and the editorial board.