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Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa

John Wyver, Shakespeare Bulletin

Podcast: John Wyver, Shakespeare Bulletin
Shakespeare Bulletin is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal which publishes articles at the cutting edge of Shakespearean and early modern performance studies and theatre history. Since its early days as the publication of the New York Shakespeare Society in 1980 and its incorporation of the Shakespeare on Film Newsletter in 1992, Shakespeare Bulletin has grown into the leading journal of early modern performance studies. It is a distinguishing feature of this journal that it welcomes scholarship on the full range of plays not only by Shakespeare but also by other early modern dramatists. The journal also publishes theatre, film and book reviews, providing a record of performance and scholarship in a variety of media throughout the world. The journal is edited by an international team of scholars and is based in the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Western Australia.