Author Guidelines

Notes to Contributors

ASAP/Journal welcomes articles of interest to those studying post-1960s international literary, visual, performing, and media arts. We publish work that articulates new arts movements, critically examines emerging aesthetic practices, discovers new critical methods and vocabularies, and investigates how the contemporary arts confront the historicity of artistic form. We welcome essays about international art, artists, or arts movements of any kind, unrestricted by national, ethnic, religious, or gender borders and boundaries. We invite contributions that address the aesthetics, ethics, politics, forms, and methods of the contemporary arts in any medium, including the cinematic, media, visual, plastic, sound, literary, and performance arts. In addition to scholarly essays, we also invite artist interviews and essays in alternative or multi-media formats; our online site will publish book and exhibition reviews. If you are interested in proposing an interview, please email us at

Special-topic issues, guest edited by scholars in any arts field, are regularly included in the journal. If you are interested in proposing a special issue, please contact the editors. Please send all inquiries to

Submissions Policy

ASAP/Journal uses Open Journal Systems, which is open-source, automated submission software. To submit material for publication consideration, you will need to create an account (register) with this site. Please send submissions to

Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Essay submissions (6000-8000 words for articles and interviews) should be prepared in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition using endnotes for full initial references. Articles of more than 8,000 words are not considered for publication; this count includes notes but excludes works-cited lists and translations, which should accompany foreign-language quotations. Interviews and dialogues should include an introduction of 500-1000 words. Manuscripts in languages other than English are accepted for review but must be accompanied by a detailed summary in English (generally of 1,000–1,500 words) and must be translated into English if they are recommended for publication.

ASAP/Journal does not accept articles that have been previously published in any language; essays simultaneously under review by other journals will not be considered. ASAP/Journal does not publish unsolicited creative submissions, though we do encourage critical work in creative formats.

Because all content is double-blind peer reviewed, authors’ names should not appear on manuscripts, and authors should not refer to themselves in the first person in the manuscript. If the contribution includes any materials (e.g., quotations that exceed fair use, illustrations, charts, other graphics) taken from another source, the author must obtain written permission to reproduce them in print and electronic formats, secure high-resolution image files (300dpi or better), and pay any permissions fees.

Reviews relating to the Arts of the Present are published on the journal’s open-access platform, ASAP/J (