Publication Ethics

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

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Peer Review Policy

Ariel publishes original articles in postcolonial studies exploring colonial power and resistance as well as innovative scholarship on globalization, new forms and sites of exploitation and colonization in an age of transnational capitalism, displacement and diaspora studies, global ecocriticism, cultural and cross-cultural translation, and related areas. The journal especially encourages articles that do not just offer a close reading of a text or set of texts but that use that close reading to intervene in an existing scholarly conversation.

Authors should submit their own original work. The editors require assurance that authors are not offering their articles concurrently elsewhere. All articles are subject to anonymous refereeing (authorship unattributed and readers unidentified) and are read by at least two readers. We aim to take no more than five months for a decision on a submission. However, in cases where it is difficult to find willing evaluators in the field of the essay, decisions can take longer.