Cold War Perspective on the North Korea Summit: Lessons from the Berlin Crisis

Cold War Perspective on the North Korea Summit: Lessons from the Berlin Crisis Jenny Thompson and Sherry Thompson are the authors of The Kremlinologist: Llewellyn E Thompson, Ame rica's Man in Cold War Moscow , recently published by Johns Hopkins University Press. A summit between President Trump...Read more

Hydrocarbon Nation

As a political historian, my initial objective when writing Hydrocarbon Nation was simply to investigate the role that fossil fuels have played in influencing America’s political and economic advance. My sense was that although most environmentalists view these natural resources as fundamentally...Read more

Building Washington, D.C.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's To-Do List: Declare independence (note the British are the most powerful economic and military force in the world). Win a war (see note 1). Convince the thirteen colonies to give up their autonomy and form a federation (clearly confederacy is simply not...Read more

After Sovereignty

The first issue of the 2018 volume of SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 seeks to answer the question, "can there be anything 'After Sovereignty.'" That title presents a special issue of nine papers examining the historical aspects of sovereign power in the context of English literature...Read more

New Editor Charts Bold Course

In 2018, Karen Pinkus moved into the editor position at the journal diacritics . The journal is based at Cornell University where Pinkus is a Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature . We previously spoke with Pinkus on a podcast about a 2014 special issue on climate change criticism she...Read more