An Exploration of American Snakes with Sean Graham

Books have a way of influencing your life more so even than experiences. They seem to connect directly to your subconscious, change it, and can alter your path. So while I have been enamored with creeping and crawling things ever since I first began catching toads, lizards, and harmless snakes, I’m...Read more

The Image of Theatre

In her final issue as editor of Theatre Journal , Joanne Tompkins put together a special issue on theatre, performance and visual images . The essays in the issue engage in images in theatre and the image of theater, she writes in her introduction to the special issue. Tompkins, a professor in the...Read more

Sex and the Crucible: A Look into Arthur Miller's Inspiration with Tony Fels

WHERE DID ARTHUR MILLER GET THE IDEA FOR THE SEXUAL THEME IN THE CRUCIBLE ? In doing the research for my book, Switching Sides: How a Generation of Historians Lost Sympathy for the Victims of the Salem Witch Hunt , I came across a surprising realization. Not only did Arthur Miller take nearly the...Read more

Remembering World War I

In March 2017, eight scholars from a variety of disciplines gathered at Texas A&M University for a two-day conference called "1917: A Global Turning Point in History and Memory." The discussions and presentations were later developed into a special issue of the journal South Central Review ...Read more

Shaping a Successful Board of Trustees with Robert Scott

Reports about the increasing turnover of college and university presidents are in the news. The reasons for turnover range from a lack of clarity of expectations, problematic responses to student and faculty protests, political interference, and more. In light of these and other serious concerns,...Read more