The Nature of New York

There’s something about honey bees that delights us. They are known as “social” for a reason: they care for each other throughout their lives. They are born to serve one another and this devotion to the tens of thousands of bees within their community ensures the survival of the hive. In the fall...Read more

The Future of News

Until very recently, the things that we refer to as “newspapers” were exclusively material objects made of paper. Today, many people actually read what they call “newspapers” on digital devices, and some have even taken to calling printed newspapers “dead tree media” as a way of signaling what they...Read more

Let There Be Enlightenment

Most people think that the Enlightenment was the “age of reason,” characterized by the emergence of rational approaches to socio-political problems, the rise of religious toleration, and the decline of devout fanaticism. In describing the learned culture of the eighteenth century to students, it...Read more

Trials of Psychedelic Therapy

When I began exploring the history of LSD psychotherapy research in 2008, I had little idea that the momentum was in fact building on a new era of psychedelic research. In the 1950s and 60s, researchers reported impressive results using LSD in conjunction with psychotherapy to treat a range of...Read more

Navigating the Waters of the Teacher Preparation Debate: Lessons from the Recent Past

In 1980, if one wanted to become a K-12 public school teacher in the United States, he or she needed to attend an accredited degree program. Fast forward to the present, and roughly one-third of our nation’s teachers enter through alternative, non-education school routes. Prospective teachers are...Read more

Behind Closed Doors: Researching the Secret Work of Lobbyists

It’s not easy to write a book on lobbying when lobbyists don’t like to talk about what they do. And it’s particularly difficult when the lobbyists you’re writing about have been dead for one hundred and fifty years. This was the challenge I found myself confronting when I set out to research...Read more