Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin

The Diamond-backed Terrapin has a long and illustrious history, first as a culinary plight to satiate the masses and then becoming an epicurean fad for the well-heeled. The fad faded in the early 20 th century because populations declined and the demand for terrapin flesh could no longer be met...Read more

Reading Disability in a Pair of Eighteenth Century Shoes: Mary Wise Farley, 1764

Everyday life for many in early America involved endless rounds of backbreaking labor, grueling travel into dense forests, across frozen rivers, or through putrid swamps, and the ever-present risk of illness, accident, and injury. How did early Americans cope with physical disability? The research...Read more

In Search of Russian Modernism

The disintegration of the Soviet empire brought about a Copernican revolution in Russian cultural historiography. Paradoxically, the post-Soviet documentary deluge and the collapse of the ideological coordinates hitherto guiding the writing of cultural history have left Russian modernist studies...Read more

: Invisible influence: When marketers partner with nurses, the most trusted profession By Quinn Grundy

“I’m in contact with some drug company to fund my upcoming event so naturally I thought of you,” read the text that popped up on my phone, accompanied by the face palm emoji. It was from my sister, a registered nurse who works on a neonatal intensive care unit. I instantly called her back and when...Read more

Women and the Global 1970s

Earlier this year, the Journal of Women's History published a cluster of papers focused on issues facing women around the globe in the 1970s. "Women and the Global 1970s" opened the lens to topics from Spain, Australia, the United States and the Middle East. Editors Elisa Camiscioli and Jean H...Read more

A Q&A with Stephen Gavazzi: Author of Land-Grant Universities for the Future

What is the book about? Most simply, it’s about the past, present, and possible futures of the land-grant university in twenty-first century America. So why write a book about land-grant universities now? My co-author and I, West Virginia University president Gordon Gee, both felt strongly that...Read more

Campus Activism and Going to College in the 60's with John Thelin

Writing about “ Going to College in the Sixties ” has encouraged me to think a lot about “Going to College” today. Connecting past and present in American higher education is a fascinating and serious game because a lot is at stake for applicants and their families. I cannot think of any nation...Read more