Campus Activism and Going to College in the 60's with John Thelin

Writing about “ Going to College in the Sixties ” has encouraged me to think a lot about “Going to College” today. Connecting past and present in American higher education is a fascinating and serious game because a lot is at stake for applicants and their families. I cannot think of any nation...Read more

A Study of Twentieth-Century American Nightclub Culture with Stephen Duncan

My interest in the subject of twentieth-century American nightclub culture and its intersection with political activism began as both highly theoretical and mundane. It started with a conversation I was having with a colleague about whether critical theorist Jürgen Habermas’s conception of “the...Read more

An Environmental History of the Chesapeake Bay with Victor Kennedy

Chesapeake Bay is viewed these days as a rich fisheries and hunting environment, but few know that it was even more productive than now. Once described as an immense protein factory, the Bay, along with its fisheries and waterfowl harvests, has changed radically over the past 150 years. If we are...Read more

Native American Revolutions with Kate Fullagar and Michael McDonnell

By Kate Fullagar and Michael A. McDonnell To close this roundtable on Native American Revolutions , we’d like to flag a forthcoming collection that argues for an extension of our analysis to other Indigenous peoples facing other revolutions through our shared era. The “Age of Revolution” is most...Read more

The St. Bernard: Alpine Rescue Dog or Manchester Manufacture?

The much-loved St. Bernard dog we know today was created by Victorian dog fanciers. It bears little semblance to the rescue dogs said to have been kept by Swiss monks on the St. Bernard Pass in the early nineteenth century. The leading champion of the new St. Bernard, defining its form and...Read more

Tackling Estrangement

Earlier this year, the journal Social Research: An International Quarterly released a special issue on Estrangement . The eight essays take a look at the issue in both historical and current social and political contexts. Editor Arien Mack from The New School for Social Research has agreed to...Read more