A Night at the Museum Show

Earlier this year, Theatre Journal released a special issue on " Theatre and the Museum/Cultures of Display, " sparked by journal co-editor Jennifer Parker-Starbuck's personal fascination with the history of collection and display. "This special issue, then, was initially sparked by a cross-section...Read more

"You Gotta Know the Territory": Solutions to the Education Market with Robert Zemsky

In 1958 I spent a rather extraordinary week in New York City—a California teenager on the loose with two high school buddies. What proved particularly remarkable was how we spent our afternoons. Each day we stood in the back of a different Broadway theater—and we saw the best the city had to offer...Read more

When a Nosebleed is More than a Nosebleed: Understanding HHT with Sara Palmer

Few people are familiar with HHT, an uncommon blood vessel disorder affecting about 1 in 5000 people around the world. So today I’ll introduce you to HHT—what it is and when to get tested for it. What is HHT? HHT stands for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia—a mouthful of medical terminology!...Read more

Modernist Literature and Communist Ideology: A Look into Red Modernism with Mark Steven

I first started writing Red Modernism for the same reason I write most things: to work through a problem whose answer, tantalizing as it might be, just doesn’t come easily. The problem, in this case, evolved from a contradiction between my enthusiasm for certain types of modernist literature and my...Read more

Letting Go of Results: The Education of William James and My Own Medical Crisis

Life is a soul school, and some classes are harder than others. For decades after his death in 1910, William James served as the genial uncle figure of American philosophy. He was famous as a popularizer, even though his tendencies to offer insights connecting disparate parts of life and...Read more

Writing in the Digital Age: A Tour from Blog to Book with Carolyn Thomas

A Woman's Guide to Living with Heart Disease : my blog-turned-book project! :By Carolyn Thomas Part One: The Pitch "Have you considered writing a book based on your excellent Heart Sisters blog ? I would love to explore the possibility with you." The date was September 9, 2015, and this was the...Read more

Race and the Urban Landscape: The Historical and Social Impact of Skyscrapers with Adrienne Brown

The skyscraper is certainly not an understudied building typology. It has received plenty of scholarly attention in the century-and-a-half of its existence. A recent search for skyscrapers in the Library of Congress catalog resulted in 391 listings, which includes scholarship that situates this...Read more

Singing with Specific Detail: The Art of the Short Story with Lee Conell

The story I sometimes tell about why I write stories begins like this: The summer after second grade I was having an imaginary pie fight with my imaginary brothers and sisters. I’m an only child and I’d never been in a pie fight, but I had watched many, many hours of cartoons and I knew what to do...Read more