Exploring Consequences

Earlier this year, MFS Modern Fiction Studies released a special issue titled “Enduring Operations: The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” Co-edited by Aaron DeRosa (Cal Poly Pamona) and Stacey Peebles (Centre College), the issue featured eight articles “within a nascent critical engagement with...Read more

From Reconstruction to Jim Crow: A Pioneering Black Scholar and Activist in a Struggle for Identity and Impact

The heated arguments, protests and acts of violence related to the fate of statues honoring the Confederate cause during the Civil War are now well known. Decisions to move those memorials, remove them, or leave them in place are increasingly contentious and provocative throughout the South. In...Read more

A Decade of Community Research

In February 2007, the Johns Hopkins University Press published the first issue of a new journal dedicated to partnerships between academic health institutions and the communities surrounding them. Progress in Community Health Partnerships recently celebrated 10 years of publication dedicated to...Read more

Stuttering and “Retraining” Left-Handed Children in Mid-Century U.S.

My history of Tourette syndrome ( A Cursing Brain , 1999) involved observing pediatric patients at a university clinic. I noticed that the patient population seemed to have an unusually high proportion of left-handers. Being left-handed myself, I wondered whether and why this might be so. Popular...Read more