Moralizing the Market

MORALIZING THE MARKET This book started as an inquiry into a very specific case of policy transfer from the United States to France in the late 1960s: prompted by the outrage generated by a spectacular insider trading scandal at the Paris Bourse , French policy makers endeavored to “moralize the...Read more

The Value and History of the EEG with Melissa Littlefield

After finishing my previous book about lie detection technologies ( The Lying Brain ), I went in search other machines that monitor various physiological data, analyze them according to a specific algorithm, and produce information about what a subject is thinking. What I stumbled upon were...Read more

Why One Refrigeration History Book Was Not Enough with Jonathan Rees

Why One Refrigeration History Book Was Not Enough I first became interested in the history of refrigeration while I was in graduate school, when I started leafing through back issues of a late-nineteenth century trade journal housed in the engineering library at the University of Wisconsin -...Read more

America's Man in Cold War Moscow with Jenny and Sherry Thompson

Remembering Llewellyn Thompson by Jenny and Sherry Thompson Llewellyn Thompson died forty-six years ago, on February 6, 1972, shortly after his retirement at the age of 68. He was one of the most critical players in the Cold War, engaging directly with Soviet rulers abroad and exerting great...Read more

The Beauty in your Own Back Yard - with Bryan MacKay

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day” – Henry David Thoreau Recalling the wise advice of the Sage of Concord, I head down a trail near my home on an unseasonably warm February morning. It has rained lightly during the night, and a humid fog settles in the low places. Although I...Read more

Remembering Sanford Gifford

American Imago dedicated the final issue of its 2017 volume to a comprehensive collection of work by and about Sanford Gifford , a prominent psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and historian most known for his work at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute Archives (BPSI). Gifford died in 2013,...Read more