The Webster-Hayne Debate: Defining Nationhood in the Early American Republic

For generations, school children remembered the Webster-Hayne Debate by memorizing the ending to Daniel Webster’s Second Reply to Robert Y. Hayne. Its soaring articulation of nationalism and American nationhood—“Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable”—became a catchphrase for what...Read more

Building Healthy Communities through Medical-Religious Partnerships

Why should medical organizations look to faith communities as partners for health programs? Haven’t religious institutions lost their influence in America? These are questions I am sometimes asked when people learn that much of my work is devoted to building alliances between medical organizations...Read more

Information and the Body

Libraries and librarians don't just worry about the mind. A special double issue of Library Trends takes a look at “Information and the Body.” Guest edited by Andrew M. Cox, Brian Griffin , and Jenna Hartel , the issues bring together researchers interested in embodied information, including in how...Read more