Serena Williams, Arthur Ashe, and the Lesson of Forgiveness

In 2001 tennis star Serena Williams walked away from Indian Wells—and for good reason. Prior to a semifinal match with Serena, her sister Venus withdrew after experiencing tendinitis in her knee. Rumors swirled around the stadium that the match had been fixed. In the final the boos, jeers, and...Read more

June Media Roundup

Our authors have been busy in the month of June! Check out the highlights below: Justin Schmidt’s The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95) has been featured in the following outlets in the month of June: The Guardian , Atlas Obscura , New York Post , BBC Focus Magazine , BBC Wildlife...Read more

Studying America as Home

Thirty-five years ago, Deborah Dash Moore published "At Home in America," her groundbreaking look at how the children of immigrants blended elements of Jewish and American culture into a vibrant urban society. The most recent issue of the journal American Jewish History took a look at the impact of...Read more

My Pathway to Healthy Anger

As a therapist and anger management specialist, I have seen anger, in its many forms, destroy marriages, estrange family members, and derail careers. And all too often, I have observed how such anger hampers our efforts to identify and satisfy our core desires. I believe I was drawn to my specialty...Read more