The Distractions and Implications of Biomedical Promise

Gene therapy has been on the horizon as the next great medical breakthrough in curing disease for half a century now. Every time a new genetic mapping or engineering approach is developed, the promise of gene therapy seems to finally be within reach. This was the case with human gene mapping in the...Read more

Meet Students Where They Are: Behavioral Insights to Increase College Completion

Across the country, millions of students have returned to college campuses to continue their postsecondary education. Students have moved back into dorms, reacquainted with friends, started another semester of courses. As someone who has worked with students at every sector of higher education over...Read more

The unexpected gift of Zika

In no way do I want to minimize the serious complications of Zika. However, the media buzz surrounding Zika offers an unexpected gift- effective STI (sexually transmitted infection) education. What is Zika doing that AIDS did not? Zika normalizes TALKING about STIs Zika arrived as the newest “...Read more

September Media Roundup

What a month it has been. The heat of summer may be on its way out, but our authors are on fire. Here’s a look at the September media highlights: The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95) author Justin Schmidt was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE ( including a rather funny mention in Jimmy’s...Read more

For 35 years as a faculty member and administrator, I have helped students start college. Here are my ABCs of getting started.

A. Ask questions . And then ask more questions. What a wonderful opportunity you have for at least the first few weeks, if not the whole year. No one expects you to know everything, and everyone is pleased when you ask questions. Imagine you are a detective trying to figure out the mystery of your...Read more

Can American higher education remain the global leader without a strong faculty?

In the half century after World War II, American higher education catapulted onto the global stage as the “new” and undisputed “gold standard” for scientific research and graduate education. This rise is a spectacular national achievement. It is, I fear, increasingly fragile, nay even “at risk”...Read more

On Technology and Learning

From our seventh floor campus offices, we can visually track the slower pace of summer morphing into the bustle of back-to-school. One day the campus is sleepy. The next, the perimeter of the campus fills with mini-vans and out pour freshmen, their families, and dorm supplies to last a year. In a...Read more