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Tang Studies Peer Review Policy

Tang Studies publishes research articles, research notes, scholarly translations, and book reviews. All of these are subject to the same publication process, with the exception of book reviews, which are commissioned by the editor and do not undergo peer review.

All manuscripts submitted to Tang Studies are first reviewed by the editor to determine suitability for the journal. The editor may consult with board members or another qualified reader to assist in this initial review. Thereafter, submissions are subject to double-blind review by two readers. Readers are requested to provide an evaluation of the manuscript and a recommendation for acceptance, acceptance conditional on revisions, or rejection. Regardless of their evaluation, readers are also requested to provide suggestions for improvement for all manuscripts. The review process typically takes three months.
Based on the results of the peer review, the editor will determine if the submission will be published and what kind of revisions are necessary. If revisions are minor, the editor alone may examine the revised submission and confirm changes before proceeding with publication. If a submission needs to be revised and resubmitted, one of the initial referees may be asked to review the new version. Criteria for review, both by the editors and the reviewers, include:

  • Relevance, originality, plausibility, strength of the argument
  • Accuracy of translations and use of primary sources in general
  • Engagement with other relevant scholarship on the topic
  • Quality of the writing and organization of the article

(as of April 29, 2021)

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