Editorial Board

General Editor

Peter Kirwan
University of Nottingham
Email: Peter.Kirwan@nottingham.ac.uk

Book Review Editor

Sarah Dustagheer
University of Kent
Email: S.Dustagheer-463@kent.ac.uk

Performance Reviews Editor

Kathryn Vomero Santos
Trinity University
Email: ksantos@trinity.edu

Editorial Board 

The Editorial Board of Shakespeare Bulletin includes scholars at all career stages reflecting different constituencies of the journal. During their term on the Editorial Board, members play an active role in reviewing articles and special issue proposals in their areas of expertise and advising on journal policy. We invite the editors of special issues to join the Editorial Board as part of their involvement with the journal. Members of the Editorial Board abide by the Terms of Reference.  

Pascale Aebischer, University of Exeter
David Sterling Brown, Binghamton University
Mark Thornton Burnett, Queen’s University Belfast
Lauren Eriks Cline, Hampden-Sydney College
Vanessa Corredera, Andrews University
Keir Elam, University of Bologna
Michael D. Friedman, University of Scranton
Farah Karim-Cooper, Shakespeare's Globe/King's College London
Sawyer Kemp, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Amy Kenny, University of California, Riverside
Courtney Lehmann, University of the Pacific
Cary Mazer, University of Pennsylvania
Lucy Munro, King’s College London
Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa
Richard Schoch, Queen’s University Belfast
Greg M. Colón Semenza, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Kim Solga, Western University
Ayanna Thompson, Arizona State University
Evelyn Tribble, University of Connecticut
Nora Williams, University of Essex
W. B. Worthen, Barnard College, Columbia University
Ramona Wray, Queen’s University Belfast
Sandra Young, University of Cape Town

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Shakespeare Bulletin is made up of longstanding contributors both to the journal and to the field of early modern performance studies, who offer their services both as expert reviewers and as consultants on journal policy.  

Stephen M. Buhler, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Samuel Crowl, Ohio University 
Katharine Goodland, CUNY
Andrew James Hartley, UNC Charlotte
Naomi C. Liebler, Montclair State University
Genevieve Love, Colorado College
Kirk Melnikoff, UNC Charlotte
Carol Chillington Rutter, University of Warwick
Tiffany Stern, Shakespeare Institute
Fran Teague, University of Georgia
Paul Yachnin, McGill University

Emeritus Editorial Board

Paul Bertram
Maurice Charney
H.R. Coursen
Harry Keyishian
Ryuta Minami
Martin Orkin

    Founding Editor

    Seymour Isenberg

      Previous Editors

      James P. Lusardi and June Schlueter, Lafayette College (1983-2003)
      Andrew James Hartley, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (2003-2013)
      Pascale Aebischer, University of Exeter (2012-2017)
      Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa (2017–2020)