Author Guidelines

Shakespeare Bulletin is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal which publishes articles at the cutting edge of Shakespearean and early modern performance studies and theatre history. It is a distinguishing feature of this journal that it welcomes scholarship on the full range of plays not only by Shakespeare but also by other early modern dramatists. The focus of all articles submitted should, in one way or another, be on the performance of these plays, in any medium, whether in the early modern period or in later centuries. Articles may examine performances of early modern plays in their own period and/or beyond; explore the use of performance in scholarship or teaching; develop performance-related scholarly methodologies and theoretical approaches to the performance of early modern drama; compare productions; analyze a single production; scrutinize ground-breaking new modes of performance in a variety of media and venues; explore performance traditions of early modern drama across the world.

The journal is committed to publishing at least two open issues every year and encourages scholars to submit their articles, along with an abstract (200-250 words) directly to the editor at Please follow the house style detailed below when submitting your work. While we do consider shorter and longer submissions, the standard length of articles in the journal is between 6,500 and 9,000 words.

Shakespeare Bulletin also welcomes proposals for special issues guest-edited by leading and emerging scholars. Please contact the editor at with proposals detailing the subject and rationale of the issue, the proposed contributors and contributions, and the envisaged timetable. Potential guest editors must be mindful that we do not allow more than two special issues in any one year in order to ensure that there is sufficient space in the journal for individual submissions. Special issues may include 4-8 articles, provided the total word count is 40,000-55,000 words.

Shakespeare Bulletin House Style for articles

Shakespeare Bulletin follows the guidelines set down in the most recent MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (currently the 8th edition, 2016).    

Detailed Author guidelines may be downloaded HERE
Detailed Performance Review guidelines may be downloaded HERE
Detailed Book Review guidelines may be downloaded HERE

Please Note: Articles that are not formatted according to these guidelines may be sent back to authors for urgent reformatting and may not meet publication deadlines.