"For as long as most of us have been hooked up to the Net, Postmodern Culture has been there, online and available. Its solid articles, in-depth reviews, and up-to-date announcements bring a measure of substance to the often ephemeral world of digital publishing."

-Edward Falco, Professor of English, Virginia Tech, Author of the hypertext novel A Dream with Demons

"Almost a decade ago, PMC showed us the future of scholarly electronic publishing on the Internet; today it still represents the future, as the leading journal in its field."

-Espen Aarseth, Associate Professor in Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen

"I find Postmodern Culture an indispensable resource for thinking about postmodern culture, literature, and theory. It consistently publishes cutting-edge articles that change how I think about what matters, and why. Innovative and rigorous at the same time, it has continued the pioneering spirit that makes it one of the most valuable journals I read."

-Katherine Hayles, English Department, University of California-Los Angeles