Author Guidelines


Critical essays, reviews, popular-culture columns, and notices may be submitted by electronic mail (as an attached word processing document, if possible) or by snail-mail. PMC is no longer accepting unsolicited works of fiction or poetry.

Editors’ Address

Send correspondence or submissions to
Snail Mail: PMC c/o Eyal Amiran
243 Humanities Instructional Building
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697-2651

Author’s Guide

Electronic submissions may be in Microsoft Word or Wordperfect. We can, however, handle other formats; if you submit a PDF, please make sure that the document’s text and properties do not identify you as the author.

The current MLA format is recommended for documentation in essays. We can read essays in any format, but will ask for MLA format for publication.

PMC does not have a specific word length requirement and can publish long pieces. Essays appearing in the journal tend to be between 6,000 and 11,000 words. Please include an abstract of up to 100 words in length with your submission.

Multi-Media Elements

  • Postmodern Culture can publish still images, sound, animations, and full-motion video as well as text. For the time being, the following formatting parameters should be observed.
  • In-line images (on the page) must be in .jpg or .gif formats, and must be the size at which you want them to display, with the maximum allowable width being 420 pixels. In special situations, PMC may be able to display wider images or other image formats such as the dejavu plugin.
  • Sound files can be in .au, .wav, Real Audio, or Quicktime formats.
  • Video should be in MPEG or Quicktime formats. Indicate placement of the video clip in the document to which it is attached.
  • Bear in mind that your document still needs to be intelligible without the multi-media elements, because many readers will not be able to see these elements. Also, you must have appropriate permissions in order to use photographs, drawings, sound, or video that was originally produced by someone other than you. The same intellectual property rules apply to the Web as to print.