Publication Ethics

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found here.

Peer Review Policy

Submissions to Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies should represent original work and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Occasionally the journal publishes translations in English of work that has appeared in other languages or reprints work that has appeared before in foreign publications. Submissions are reviewed by the Editor and Associate Editor and, when appropriate, sent out for double-blind review. All submissions receive at least one substantive written assessment. Essays are evaluated for clarity of argument, persuasiveness of evidence, and contribution to scholarly debate. Reviewers make one of the following recommendations: accept, accept with minor revisions, accept with major revisions, revise and resubmit, or decline for publication. Revised essays are assessed by the editors and also, when appropriate, by outside reviewers. Notes, poetry, and short fiction are also welcome, and the review process is similar. The time from submission to initial decision is typically 10-12 weeks