Forthcoming Issues


Henry James and The Nineteenth-Century Literary Landscape

Henry James, George Eliot, and the “Old-fashioned English Novel.” RACHEL BRYAN

Pictures and Texts: Henry James in the Century. MICHAEL ANESKO

The Novelist as a Medium: On the Magic Art of The Bostonians. ASHLEY C. BARNES

The Real Thing? The Irish Immigrant Ethnic Hierarchy, S. S. McClure, and Henry James. MARY M. BURKE

A Portrait of the Novel: James, Flaubert, and the Quest for Literary Autonomy. ELISA SOTGIU

“The Happy Mixture”: Fiction and the Popular Media Arts in James’s “John Delavoy.” JUNE HEE CHUNG

“intricate, overlapped, interweaved, and endless”: Emerson, Henry James, and the Nature of Moral Life. PRENTISS CLARK

Online Book Reviews

Henry James and Medievalism. Review of Ullyot, Jonathan. The Medieval Presence in Modernist Literature: The Quest to Fail. T. J. LUSTIG

Review of Henry James. The Sacred Fount. Edited by T. J. Lustig. The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James 16. DANIEL HANNAH

The Master Is Dead. Long Live the Master. Review of June Hee Chung. Henry James and the Media Arts of Modernity: Commercial Cosmopolitanism. GREG ZACHARIAS