Twentieth-Century China

Twentieth-Century China cover
Margherita Zanasi, Louisiana State University
Twentieth-Century China publishes new research on China's long twentieth century. Originating in 1975 as a newsletter for experts in the discipline, Twentieth-Century China has grown into one of the leading English-language journals in the field of Chinese history. Articles in the journal, rigorously peer-reviewed, engage significant historiographic or interpretive issues and explore both continuities of the Chinese experience across the century and specific phenomena and activities within the Chinese cultural, political, and territorial sphere--including the Chinese diaspora--since the final decades of the Qing. Comparative empirical and/or theoretical studies rooted in Chinese experience may extend to areas outside China. The journal promotes a wide range of historical approaches in its examination of twentieth-century China (social, cultural, intellectual, political, economic, and environmental, among others) and is supported by an international editorial board of eminent scholars.