TAPA cover
Joshua Billings and
Irene Peirano Garrison
TAPA is the official research publication of the Society for Classical Studies (SCS), and seeks to reflect the range of scholarship undertaken by members of the profession. It accepts submissions that consider any aspect of the Greek and Roman worlds, their interactions with other ancient societies, and their resonances through time. TAPA is committed, in addition, to furthering discussion of urgent disciplinary questions, including issues of access, outreach and pedagogy, and invites contributions that address the role of classical studies in the modern world. Such submissions particularly complement the themed section of each number, Paragraphoi, for which the Editors may also solicit contributions on topics of current interest. The Presidential Address delivered at the previous SCS annual meeting is a regular feature.

TAPA was founded in 1869 as Transactions of the American Philological Association. Since 2014, when the American Philological Association changed its name to the Society for Classical Studies, the official name of the journal has been TAPA.