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JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found here.

peer review process-portal

portal: Libraries and the Academy focuses on qualitative or quantitative research about the role of libraries and librarianship within higher education. Both basic and applied research papers, including case studies, are welcome, as are essays that explore the more theoretical or philosophical underpinnings of librarianship. The desired length is about 25 to 35 pages double-spaced, but we will consider longer manuscripts.

Submissions to portal go through a double-blind review process: the reviewers of the paper do not know who the authors are, nor do the authors know the identity of the reviewers. The managing editor redacts any information or embedded metadata from the manuscript that could identify the authors and sends it to two referees, members of the portal Editorial Board. This review may take from six to nine weeks.

The portal reviewers rate the submission using a standard assessment rubric. It asks the referees to evaluate the manuscript in several areas, including appropriateness to the journal’s readership, originality, literature review, research methodology, and clarity of writing. Theassessment framework asks referees to indicate when a submission has merit but needs additional work before publication. If they determine that an author should revise and resubmit a manuscript, the editor will forward that recommendation to the author. Once the author has incorporated the suggestions of the referees, the revised manuscript will go back for review, usually to the original referees but occasionally to two other members of the Editorial Board. This process may take another six to nine weeks.

Authors should reveal when submitting a manuscript to portal if there has been any prior presentation or publication of the same material or something very similar. Prior presentation does not automatically disqualify a submission, but the editor needs to make a fully informed decision about the novelty of the work. Authors should not submit the same manuscript for review to more than one journal at a time.