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Institute for the Medical Humanities
The Institute for the Medical Humanities is committed to moral inquiry, research, teaching, and professional service in medicine and health care. In today's often bewildering world of scientific, technological, cultural, and political changes, medicine faces human problems and possibilities that transcend traditional academic disciplines.

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database
At NYU School of Medicine: A multi-media annotated bibliographic Web resource of prose, poetry, art and film for teaching and scholarship in the Medical Humanities. Written by a multi-institutional board of editor/annotators.

Roster of Physician Writers
A list of creative writers who also practiced medicine. It includes information such as nationality, dates of birth and death, and a list of written works.

Journal of Medical Humanities
This journal focuses on interdisciplinary inquiry in medicine and medical education. It publishes original essays of a theoretical and critical nature, combining explorations of the traditional humanities--notably literature, history, philosophy, and bioethics--along with related inquiry from sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, and other branches of the social and behavioral sciences that have strong humanistic traditions.

The University of Houston Health Law and Policy Institute
Contains hundreds of annotated links from the Health Law and Policy Institute's Web site to informative Web sites pertaining to health law, health policy, and general health.