Author Guidelines

Call for Papers and Guidelines for Contributors

Literature and Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarship that explores representational and cultural practices concerning health care and the body. Areas of interest include disease, illness, and health; the cultures of biomedical science and technology and of the clinic; disability; and violence, trauma, and power relations as these are represented and interpreted in broadly-defined archives of verbal, visual, and material texts. Literature and Medicine features one thematic and one general issue each year. Past theme issues have explored identity and difference; contagion and infection; cancer pathography; the representations of genomics; and the narration of pain.

Literature and Medicine is published semiannually. Theme issues are announced in calls for papers in the journal and on the journal website. Literature and Medicine editors will consider essay clusters devoted to a particular topic or written on a specific occasion. Submissions on any aspect of literature and medicine will be considered, but the journal rarely publishes short notes, personal essays, or creative writing. Authors are advised to look carefully at past issues of the journal (available on the journal website) before submitting their work. We welcome submissions by graduate students, but encourage authors to rework term papers into publishable manuscripts (as one does in turning dissertation into book) before submission.

Manuscripts should be between 5,000 and 9,000 words in length, approximately twenty-five to forty pages inclusive of double-spaced notes. Please include an abstract of 100–150 words and 3–5 keywords.

All submissions should have text, endnotes, and bibliography double-spaced and prepared according to guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style, current edition. Authors will be responsible for securing permission to include visual images, figures, or verbal quotations that exceed fair use.

Literature and Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal. Authors’ names should appear only on a cover sheet, and any identifiers in the text should be masked so manuscripts can be reviewed anonymously. Literature and Medicine reviews only unpublished manuscripts that are not simultaneously under review for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts must be submitted in digital form to Submit to Literature and Medicine

Correspondence should be sent to:
Michael Blackie, PhD
Executive Editor, Literature and Medicine

808 S Wood St Department of Medical Education
Chicago, Illinois 60612-7309