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Honorable mentions: 
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Aida Salazar. The Moon Within. Scholastic, 2019.
Patrice Vecchione and Alyssa Raymond, editors. Ink Knows No Borders:
Poems of the Immigrant and Refugee Experience. 
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Honorable mentions: 
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Honorable mentions: 
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Honorable mentions:  
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Winner: None.

Honorable mentions: 
Marilyn Nelson. How I Discovered Poetry. Illus. Hadley Hooper. New York: Penguin, 2014.
Lemony Snicket. 29 Myths on the Swinster Pharmacy. Illus. Lisa Brown. McSweeney’s McMullins, 2014.


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Honorable mentions: 
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Adoff wins The Lion and The Unicorn Poetry Award

Arnold Adoff has been named the winner of The Lion and The Unicorn Award for Excellence in North American Poetry for his collection Roots and Blues: A Celebration. The journal, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, has sponsored the award since 2005. 

Read the announcement


Winner: Susan Blackaby
Honorable Mentions: Nan Forler, Paul B. Janeczko


Winner: None


Winner: JonArno Lawson
Honorable Mentions: Helen Frost, William New


Winner: Linda Sue Park
Honorable Mentions: Jay M. Harris, Carole Boston Weatherford


Winner: JonArno Lawson
Honorable Mentions: Helen Frost, Walter Dean Myers, Walter Dean Myers


Winner: Wynton Marsallis
Honorable Mentions: Marilyn Nelson, Naomi Shahib Nye, Shel Silverstein


Winner: Marilyn Nelson
Honorable Mentions: Helen Frost, JonArno Lawson, Walter Dean Myers, Allan Wolf