Publication Ethics

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found here.

Peer Review Policy

The Journal of Modern Greek Studies only accepts single submission of original articles that have not been previously published. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The editor, however, may reject outright any submission not meeting JMGS’s standards or falling outside of the JMGS’s interests and areas of coverage. We use a double-blind review system, meaning that the identities of the referees are not revealed to the author, and papers are forwarded to the referees without any identification of authorship. All articles are reviewed by at least two referees. Referees are asked to respond within two months to a series of questions about the submissions (e.g., “Does the author present the substantive material of the analysis accurately?” “Does the author add something new to the existing scholarship on this subject?”) and to make a recommendation regarding acceptance (accept, accept with minor revisions, revise and resubmit, reject). In the case of “accept with minor revisions,” revised articles enter directly into editing by the editors. In the case of resubmissions under the “revise and resubmit” rubric, the article is sent out again for peer review to at least one referee (who may or may not be one of the submission’s original referees).