Author Guidelines

The Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History is an international, peer-reviewed e-journal. It publishes original research from scholars across the disciplines.

Length and Format

  • Article submissions must be double-spaced, in 12-point Times font. They must be 8,000 words maximum, inclusive. Please see below for further details of layout.
  • Spelling can be either British or American English, but should be consistent throughout.
  • Papers must be submitted in Chicago style, using endnotes, not footnotes. Please follow the guidelines at: (click ‘notes and bibliography’ tab). We do not require a bibliography.
  • Use double quotation marks, and single marks for quotations within quotations, e.g. As Jones notes: “There are multiple layers of ‘affective meaning’ in this interpretation.”
  • Use page numbers only (not ‘p.’, ‘pp.’ or ‘page’.)
  • Write out centuries, e.g. seventeenth not 17th.
  • In typing, two hyphens are used for an em dash, e.g. The influence of three revolutionaries—X, Y, and Z—can clearly be seen in his early development as a politician.
  • Dates should appear in the form "19 April 1905."
  • Any Quote/extract longer than three lines should be set apart as a block quote.

Cover Sheet and Abstract

Please supply a cover sheet with your name, affiliation and email address; your paper title; and an abstract of up to 100 words in length with your submission. Please save this electronically, using your name and abbreviated title (e.g. Smith, colonial visuality Africa.) The cover sheet should also state the current status of the author - i.e. PhD candidate, honorary fellow, professor, etc.


When submitting your paper, please include the title of your paper only, and not your name, affiliation or email address. When saving your paper electronically, please use an abbreviated title for your file name, NOT your name (e.g. colonial visuality Africa).

Illustrations and Visual Material

As an e-journal, it is possible to publish photographs, sound, animations, and video material along with texts. You will be required to provide appropriate permissions for these and other materials produced by persons other than the author(s) of the submission

Address for Submission

Please send an electronic copy of your submission by e-mail to Be sure to send your submission as a Word document (.docx). You will receive confirmation of receipt and notification of any next steps within 1-3 weeks.

Roundtables/ Special Issues

If you would like to propose a roundtable or special issue, please contact the editor:

Book Reviews

For book review guidelines, visit:


For guidelines concerning this feature, visit: JCCH Conversations, Author Guidelines