"The Emily Dickinson Journal is the major scholarly forum for the best informed and most progressive thinking about Emily Dickinson's poetry. But it is also an important site for advanced discussions about the nexus between writing and theory; literature, politics, history and society; as well as pedagogical methods, textual issues and computer technologies. Practical, diverse, and hugely impressive, the Journal is useful for specialists, teachers, students and others looking to familiarise themselves with the latest developments in Dickinson criticism in particular and cultural enterprise generally."

-Domhnall Mitchell
Associate Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature, Norweigan University of Science and Technology

"When it comes to up-to-date information of Dickinson scholarship, the EDJ is a blessing for us."

-Masako Takeda
Professor of American Literature, Osaka Shoin Women's College, Japan

"In the years before the EDJ, one had to search in a myriad of sources in order to find what the EDJ now provides. Any college or university that regularly teaches Emily Dickinson (and all should) ought to include The Emily Dickinson Journal in its holdings. Through one publication, students are able to develop their thinking not only about this great American poet but about the critical approaches that one can bring to the poetry--and all this in a format that is easy to read and use."

-Beth Maclay Doriani, Ph.D
Academic Dean, Malone College