Special Issues: Submission Guidelines

The editors welcome proposals for special issues of the Bulletin that address themes of interest to the Bulletin's wide-ranging readership, themes that go beyond a narrow time or place or topic and offer a rich array of perspectives and ideas. Successful special issues include a substantial introduction, written by the guest editor(s), that orients readers to the significance of the topic and situates the essays in the volume in a broad historiography of medicine, health, and healing.

Proposals should include: the names of the guest editor(s), a description and rationale for the issue (2 to 3 pages), and a list of potential contributors and the titles and abstracts of their articles. The description and rationale should explain why the topic is (or should be) of interest to a broad array of historians of medicine. A special issue can accommodate up to 10 articles, each with a maximum of 12,000 words of text (including footnotes). Proposals should be sent to the editors at bhm@jhmi.edu. All special issue manuscripts are treated with the same protocol as regular Bulletin submissions. All manuscripts (except the introduction) are sent out for peer review, where each essay is assessed by 3–4 external reviewers. The editors make the final decision about publication. A draft of the introduction can be sent to a scholar or 2 for comments and suggestions for improvement. Special issues are usually published approximately 12–18 months after acceptance of the proposal.