Author Guidelines

The Bulletin publishes scholarly articles spanning the social, cultural, and scientific aspects of the history of medicine worldwide. Articles are based on historical research in primary sources grounded in the robust secondary literature in the history of medicine. Article submissions should clearly make critical interpretations and place the story in historical context. The Bulletin subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The Bulletin does not publish material that is available elsewhere, in any language, at the time of its publication in the journal, or material for which we must acknowledge permission to another publisher. We regularly publish articles that later appear as chapters in books, but the journal and its publisher, The Johns Hopkins University Press, hold the copyright, and the book publisher must request permission to reprint. Publication of the journal article must antedate publication of the book.

All new manuscripts must be submitted electronically at
Authors should have no more than two manuscripts under review at any given time.

Conflicts of Interest: Authors are responsible for informing the editors of any institutional or organizational funding they have received for research related to the subject of the article.

The Wellcome Trust has changed its access policy concerning research articles that have been funded by the Trust. The new policy which became effective on January 1, 2021 can be found at:

Authors employed by NIH: The publisher and editors of the Bulletin understand that authors employed by NIH are obligated to post their articles in PMC. The Bulletin uses a two-step process in order to ensure that our authors can comply with this mandate. As is the case for most federal employee authors, the Bulletin cannot hold copyright of the article.

  1. Upon acceptance of an article by the Bulletin, the author should post a copy of the final manuscript of the essay to PMC specifying a 12-month embargo. The essay must be accompanied by the NIH publishing agreement and manuscript cover sheet and the Johns Hopkins University Press publishing agreement for U.S. Government employees, available from the editorial office. Copies of these documents should also be forwarded to the editorial office. Please note: the manuscript version of the essay is to be submitted to PMC in order for our authors to be in compliance, but the final PDF of the published essay is the version that will ultimately circulate on PMC.
  2. The BHM editorial office will take responsibility for posting the PDF of the final, published version of the article by the end of the 12-month embargo period, whereupon PMC will ignore the previously submitted unedited manuscript version of the essay. PMC will contact the author to confirm his or her permission to post the PDF version.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

  • BHM manuscripts should not exceed 12,000 words (including endnotes). Manuscripts over the word limit will not be considered.
  • Double-space your manuscript: text, notes, and quotations.
  • Use the same type size and font for all material.
  • Quotations of more than six typed lines should be indented from the left margin and typed in a block format (double-spaced).
  • Use American spelling.
  • Dates should be written as, for example, “June 7, 2010.”
  • To answer general questions about style and usage in BHM, refer to the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition; CMS).


  • BHM requires numbered endnotes without a bibliography (See the CMS, 16th ed.).
  • Document fully. BHM prefers to identify the source of each separate quotation with its own note; please do not bundle citations into a single note at the end of the paragraph. Please note that BHM requires inclusive page numbers for book chapters in edited collections and for all journal articles, in addition to page numbers for direct quotations. BHM uses abbreviations for journal names. For books and journals, follow the Bulletin examples given below; for more complex references, follow CMS.

Remember to provide:
Full first names and middle initial(s) for authors and editors
Subtitles of books and articles
Full names of foreign journals cited
Name of the publisher for books published after 1900
For newspaper articles, the author, title of article, and page numbers if available.
Exact and inclusive page numbers for all quotations

  • The second and succeeding citations of references should refer back to the first full citation.

Citation Examples

1. Michael Worboys, Spreading Germs: Disease Theories and Medical Practice in Britain, 1865–1900 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000), 81. [Book with page number for direct quotation]

2. Stephen Palmer, “Central American Encounters with Rockefeller Public Health, 1914–1921,” in Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural history of U.S.–Latin American Relations, ed. Catherine LeGrand, Gilbert Joseph, and Ricardo Salvatore (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1999), 31132, quotation on 320. [Chapter in edited book with inclusive page numbers and page number for direct quotation]

3. Alexandra Stern, “Making Better Babies: Public Health and Race Betterment in Indiana, 1920–1935,” Amer. J. Public Health 90 (2002): 74252, quotation on 751. [Journal article with inclusive page nos. and page no. of direct quotation.]

4. Ibid., 750.

5. Palmer, “Central American Encounters” (n. 2), 312. [Short form for previously cited item]

6. James Smith, “Public Health Experiments,” in LeGrand, Joseph, and Salvatore, Close Encounters (n. 2), 100134. [Chapter in previously cited book]

7. Lauren Nauta, “Medical Development in New Jersey” (Ph.D. diss., University of Pennsylvania, 2006). [Dissertation]


  • Illustrations are printed in black and white only. Photographs may be sent to the editorial office as glossy black-and-white 5” x 7” prints (do not send photos in color), or uploaded in TIFF or EPS formats. Halftones (art with any shades of grey) should be 266–300 dpi; line art, 900–1200 dpi. Do not use Word, PDF, or GIF files for illustrations.
  • Indicate the approximate placement of all illustrations in the text. Provide captions for all tables and figures. Captions should include credit to the original sources.


  • You will need to provide copies of letters granting permission to reprint illustrations.
  • Unpublished theses present a particular problem. If you are quoting more than five sentences from such an unpublished work, please provide a letter granting permission from the author of the thesis or from the sponsoring university.

Uploading Your Manuscript

  • At this time, ScholarOne cannot upload Word 2007 documents. Please save your manuscript as a Word 1997–2003 document before submitting.
  • Please make sure to remove any identifying information (name, university, etc.) from the manuscript itself, as BHM reviews are double blind. Author acknowledgments are useful for the editorial office, but can also reveal the author’s institution or identity; therefore, please upload your acknowledgments in a separate file, selecting the file designation “Title Page” on ScholarOne Manuscripts.
  • Please supply a required summary of 150 or fewer words with your paper.
  • Please provide the required 4 to 8 keywords for indexing purposes.