AJP has been a leading publication in classics for over a century. Its articles adhere to the highest standards of the discipline, and combine philological rigor with innovative approaches that reflect the breadth of classical studies today.”

—Mary Jaeger, University of Oregon

"AJP publishes both philological studies and innovative articles, presenting the field in all its variety while maintaining a very high standard. It has a proud tradition, and upholds it."

—Ruth Scodel, University of Michigan

AJP is one of the most influential journals in our field. Under the leadership of David Larmour, the journal has maintained its long tradition of philological rigor while publishing some of the most innovative articles in the field. AJP’s wide range of topics and sophisticated critical approaches have made it an international venue for the best of contemporary classical scholarship.”

—Ellen Greene, University of Oklahoma

“That the AJP consistently publishes scholarship of the highest quality is well-known and internationally recognized. What is less commonly known (and perhaps slightly disguised by the Journal's title) is that it does so regularly (in almost every issue and in special features of great interest and importance) also in the sphere of history most broadly understood (including questions of methodology and source interpretation, the history of scholarship, and the intersection of history and literature). Historians who fail to check every issue of AJP are certain to miss articles that often qualify as 'must-reads.'”

—Kurt A. Raaflaub, Brown University

“The articles published in AJP offer an impressively wide sample of the range of topics and approaches that make modern classical studies a richly interdisciplinary and immensely varied field of scholarship. The topics range from Homer to late antiquity, and the approaches are literary, historical, anthropological/cultural, and philosophical, with the many mixtures that characterize modern humanities. Both peer review and production values are strong, so that seeking to identify one best article each year for the Gildersleeve Prize occasions keen analysis and lively discussion of several possible candidates.”

—Donald J. Mastonarde, University of California, Berkeley

AJP has become one of the leading places for the publication of new and more theory-driven research in the field of ancient literature. Under the editorships of David Larmour and Barbara Gold, access for such studies and for comparative approaches have been increasingly promoted.”

—Therese Fuhrer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich