Author Guidelines

Authors must submit all manuscripts electronically via Manuscript FastTrack, which is located at Please prepare manuscripts in accordance with the most recent edition of the MLA Style Manual, which requires the use of intratextual documentation and mandates the inclusion of a Works Cited list at the manuscript's end. Manuscripts that do not follow MLA style are subject to immediate rejection. Also, manuscripts that are not paginated will be rejected. Additionally, all reproductions of images, including film stills, sheet music, etc., that are not legally possessed by the author must be cleared with the copyright holder of such images before submission to AAR.

Critical essays should be no fewer than 6,000 words, and no more than 8,500 words, excluding Notes and Works Cited. Please Note: A requested revision should not be submitted as a new article. Under the heading "My Archived Submissions," click on the hyperlinked submission ID of your original article. On the following page, select "Submit Revised Document."

Fiction writers should submit only one work at a time. Stories should not exceed 3,500 words. Poets should submit no more than six works at a time; multiple poems should be bundled into a single submission. In addition, authors should not submit both poems and short stories simultaneously.

Please direct editorial inquiries to Nathan Grant at Inquiries regarding book review assignments should be sent to Aileen M. Keenan at Review copies should be mailed to African American Review, Saint Louis University, Adorjan Hall 317, 3800 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63108.

Please Note: AAR does not consider previously published works or simultaneous submissions.