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Defending Privilege – Q&A with author Nicole Mansfield Wright
Some reviewers have described Defending Privilege as an explainer of the historical roots of our current political warfare. How does your book illuminate current events? These days, government leaders, cable hosts, journalists, and protestors are battling to...
Downward Mobility - Q&A with author Katherine Binhammer
Katherine Binhammer answers questions about her new book Downward Mobility: The Form of Capital and the Sentimental Novel. Your book on downward mobility in eighteenth-century literature was published right before a pandemic-induced recession. How might...
Writing to the World
Since the 2016 presidential election, we have had almost daily reminders of the prevalence of “fake news” in our new, Facebook and Twitter-reliant media landscape. Frequently, the blame for this phenomenon falls on the media themselves, as commentators...