Spring books preview: nature

We’re excited about the books we’ll be publishing this spring—and we're pleased to start off the new year with a series of posts that highlight our forthcoming titles. Be sure to check out the online edition of JHUP’s entire Spring 2016 catalog, and remember that promo code “HDPD” gets you a 30% discount on all pre-publication orders. Today we feature spring books on nature and life sciences; click on the title to read more about the book or to place an order:


The Sting of the Wild Justin O. Schmidt


Candid Creatures How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature Roland Kays


Life in the Dark Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth Danté Fenolio


A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes From Alaska to California Val Kells, Luiz A. Rocha, and Larry G. Allen


Marine Fishes of Florida David B. Snyder and George H. Burgess


Wild Equids Ecology, Management, and Conservation edited by Jason I. Ransom and Petra Kaczensky


The Mammals of Luzon Island Biogeography and Natural History of a Philippine Fauna Lawrence R. Heaney, Danilo S. Balete, and Eric A. Rickart

Use discount code "HDPD" to receive a 30% discount on pre-publication orders for JHUP's spring 2016 titles. To order, click on the book titles above or call 800-537-5487.

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