Author Guidelines

Authors should create a user profile and upload papers electronically at
Manuscripts should be prepared using the Chicago Manual of Style. The preferred length for article manuscripts is 7,000-10,000 words, but shorter or longer submissions up to 13,000 words will be considered and will be reviewed following the Journals standard process. Please include an abstract of 200 words (or less).

All articles are anonymously reviewed.

Submissions must be in the English language and are considered for publication on the understanding that the author(s) offer the Journal of Jewish Identities, the exclusive option to publish and that the paper is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for using any previously published material. Accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of the journal. Authors may, of course, use the article elsewhere after publication without prior permission from the Journal of Jewish Identities, provided that acknowledgement is given to the Journal as original source of publication, and that the Journal is notified so that our records show that its use is properly authorized.

Submission Checklist

  1. Article text should be formatted in 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced, ragged margins (that is, left justification, not full), one-inch margins all around. The article title should appear at the top of the article in bold, followed by an abstract of 200 words or less. The author's name should NOT appear on the manuscript.
  2. Images (photographs), tables, etc. should be submitted separately from the main document. Images should be titled numerically, in order of their appearance in text. Please submit only the images that will appear in the final article. (Not, in other words, entire albums of photos.)
  3. The article should be accompanied by a separate file containing an author biography for our “Contributors” page. It should be a few hundred words, written in third person, and include position, institutional affiliation, and major publications.
  4. The article will be copy edited to conform to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines in matters of form and usage, and Merriam and Webster’s Tenth Collegiate Dictionary in matters of spelling.
  5. Citations must be in the form of endnotes, formatted in Chicago/Turabian style. (No in-text citations, with the exception of book reviews.) In citations, all non-English source titles must be rendered in the original language. That is, Latin-alphabet sources must be in the original French or German, for example, following capitalization rules for that language. Non-Latin-alphabet source titles must be transliterated from the Russian, Arabic, Yiddish, Chinese or Hebrew, for example, following the Library of Congress system. Translations of such titles into English is unnecessary.