The Journal of the History of Philosophy occasionally selects articles published in its pages for 30 minute podcast interviews with the author(s). The interviewer and interviewee are both specialists in the field, but the podcast focuses on the significance of the article for the general philosophical public.

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JHP Podcast: Episode 1, Jari Kaukua

In this episode, Peter Adamson (LMU Munich) interviews Jari Kaukua (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) on Jari’s article, “Avicenna's Outsourced Rationalism,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 58.2 (April 2020): 215-40. The article won the JHP’s Prize for the best article published in its pages in 2020.  The interview was recorded in November 2021.  Producer: Andrew Gittlitz.  Music: Taylor Carman.  JHP contact: Jack Zupko (zupko@ualberta.ca).  Transcription by Calum Jopling, University of Alberta.