"Configurations has been indispensable for my thinking and writing. It is an invaluable resource for cultural studies of science, technology, and medicine."

-Emily Martin, Princeton University

"Configurations brings to 'science studies' a literary-critical sophistication it has long needed. This well-edited journal is well on its way to becoming the Representations of this part of the academy."

-David A. Hollinger, University of California, Berkeley

"...a treasure trove for scholars across the academy, serving as the serious home for discussions of science, technology, and medicine as it is reflected in and reflects aspects of culture. Written by people who are specialists in more than one discipline, it shows that communicating across boundaries is possible when one writes clearly and directly."

-Sander L. Gilman, Cornell University

"In a world that needs more such meeting points, there is nothing like Configurations. A true nexus of science and literature, the journal is scholarly, informative, and readable."

-Ronald Hoffmann, Cornell University

"The journal is a kind of workshop, joining historical, literary, and cultural perspectives on science. Here you get interpretive originality without sacrificing scholarship."

-Theodore M. Porter, UCLA

"Configurations is a challenging and provocative resource for cutting edge cultural studies of science, technology, and literature. Exciting for its interdisciplinarity in an era when the disciplinary boundaries of knowledge are breaking down, it is quite indispensible!"

-John Law, Keele University, UK

"Configurations is a striking journal, at once interdisciplinary and brave in its undogmatic explorations. At a time when many of our best-known journals have become predictable, Configurations has remained open to new thoughts and approaches."

-Peter Galison, Harvard University