Author Guidelines

The CEA Critic is the scholarly journal of the College English Association, a national organization for teachers of college English. The CEA Critic publishes scholarly articles that read closely the texts-fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and film-that English professors study and teach. The CEA Critic celebrates the importance of literary criticism from a variety of approaches and the value of reading and teaching familiar and unfamiliar literary works.

The CEA Critic is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography. Founded in 1939, The CEA Critic publishes scholarly articles that focus on any texts or issues pertinent to the discipline of English in higher education.

The College English Association holds the copyright to all articles published in The CEA Critic. For permission to reprint articles or to use them in class, please contact the editors at the address below. If you would like to submit an essay for publication in The CEA Critic, you may e-mail submissions to the editors; e-mail submissions are preferred.  You also may mail two letter-quality hard copies and a Word document on a CD-R. Manuscripts should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Place any notes and the list of works cited at the end of your word-processing file-do not use the automatic note/reference function of your word-processing program. In other words, type reference numbers and endnotes as you would on a typewriter. But please keep in mind that note references interrupt your reader's experience and that MLA style discourages “lengthy discussions that divert the reader's attention from the primary text” (7.5.1). The editors ask that authors keep notes to a minimum and place reference numbers at the end of sentences. Authors are responsible both for the accuracy of quotations and for representing source material fairly. The editorial staff will edit accepted manuscripts to conform to house style. Please prepare your submission in accordance with the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, 3rd edition (2008).

The CEA Critic will publish only articles by members of the College English Association. Non-members are welcome to submit but must join the CEA in order for accepted submissions to be published. Address submissions and inquiries about The CEA Critic to the editors:

Editor, The CEA Critic
University of Northern Colorado 
Campus Box 109 
501 20th Street 
Greeley, CO 80639

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The editors will recycle submitted paper manuscripts.

Review Process

The editors will send submissions to members of the Editorial Board or to other qualified reviewers. The editors, however, reserve the right to reject submissions that they consider inappropriate for The CEA Critic without sending them out for review. Unrevised conference presentations or unrevised graduate term papers are not appropriate for publication in The CEA Critic. Essays on pedagogy or academia are appropriate for The CEA Forum.

Because our journal aims to publish stimulating literary criticism, reviewers will judge how compelling, coherent, scholarly, original, and important the submitted essays are.

The editors will recycle rejected submissions. The College English Association holds the copyright to all articles published in The CEA Critic. For permission to reprint articles, please contact the editor  at the address above.