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Bookbird Peer Review

Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature(ISSN 0006 7377) is a refereed quarterly journal publication of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). Bookbird accepts submissions of original scholarly articles focused on issues that are relevant to the field of children's literature and have an international perspective. Articles that compare literatures from different countries are of interest, as are papers on translation studies and articles that discuss the reception of work from one country in another. Articles concerned with a particular national literature or a particular book or writer may also be suitable, but it is important that the article should be of interest to an international audience and written without assuming excessive background information. Bookbird also includes themed issues for which the editor will post calls for manuscripts on the IBBY website. Submitted articles should not exceed 4,000 words, and should include an abstract of 150–200 words. Material submitted to Bookbirdmust be original and must not be under submission elsewhere.

Bookbird uses double-blind peer review. Authors submit their piece to the editor(s), and upon initial submission the editor(s) read the article and decide on whether it should be sent out for review. Having passed preliminary editorial review, all articles are sent to expert peer reviewers in a double-blind process (reviewers do not know the identity of the author, and the author is not informed of the identity of the reviewers). Reviewers return their reports within 3–4 weeks recommending one of the following:

  • Accept as is
  • Accept with minor revisions
  • Accept with major revisions
  • Revise & resubmit
  • Reject

The reviews are advisory and the editors reserve the right not to follow a reviewer’s recommendation or even to find another reviewer if they deem a given review unacceptable. For “Revise & Resubmit” the authors are encouraged to resubmit within the next three months. If an article is accepted with minor or major changes, the authors have three weeks to revise and submit their improved articles. The editors then review the revised articles and make final decisions. Accepted articles are copyedited and are returned to authors for proofreading two weeks later. Authors have a week to respond. Articles are published approximately four weeks later.

Criteria for review, both by the editors and the reviewers, are:

  • Is the paper relevant to the scholarship of international children’s literature?
  • Does the paper present original ideas or results supported by evidence and argument?
  • Is it innovative in any way?
  • Is the paper well supported by the citation of existing, up-to-date literature?
  • Are the citations listed fully and accurately?
  • Are the methodologies, designs and/or theories used in the article appropriate and successfully used?
  • Is the paper clear, concise, complete, and well-written?