To form “a more-perfect-though-never-actually-perfect union”: An interview with historian Jane Kamensky

The September 2019 issue of Reviews in American History introduced readers to a new and unique feature. Although RAH is a book review journal, “Process Stories” presents essays that do not review a specific title, but instead look more personally and concretely at how historiography shapes the way scholars teach,...Read More

Celebrating Black History Month

America’s annual celebration of Black History month honors the innumerable (and all too often, overlooked) contributions that African Americans have made to this country. It is also a time to strive for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the role of race in America. Academic research and scholarship are an...Read More


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The age-old academic adage of "publish or perish" still exists. Publishing a book can play a critical role in the future of any academic. However, one piece of that important puzzle plays an...Read more

As the American Journal of Philology wraps up its 140th year of publishing, a new name stands at the top of the masthead. Joseph Farrell from the University of Pennsylvania took over as Editor...Read more