Autism Awareness Month

Nearly 50 years ago, The Autism Society declared April Autism Awareness Month - a time when organizations and individuals work together to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with autism. As medical research continues to work towards understanding the condition, academics too have made great contributions to a deeper...Read More

JHU Press Journals Welcomes Christianity & Literature

Last year, JHU Press was honored to acquire the journal Christianity & Literature . Christianity & Literature , published since 1950, is a scholarly journal devoted to the exploration of how literature engages Christian thought, experience, and practice. The first issue published by JHUP is Volume 69, Issue 1 (March...Read More


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The age-old academic adage of "publish or perish" still exists. Publishing a book can play a critical role in the future of any academic. However, one piece of that important puzzle plays an...Read more

As the American Journal of Philology wraps up its 140th year of publishing, a new name stands at the top of the masthead. Joseph Farrell from the University of Pennsylvania took over as Editor...Read more