Subsidiary Rights

For all queries and proposals regarding translation rights, as well as film/tv rights, please contact Kelly Rogers, Rights Manager, by email or fax (410) 516-6968.

If you are a publisher and would like to be on the Press's mailing list to receive information about our books on a regular basis, please email your company name, contact name, address, and email to the Rights and Permissions Department.

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Translation Rights

For the sale of translation rights in languages other than English, Johns Hopkins University Press works with the following subagents:

Exclusive Agents:

Chinese Connection Agency
Mainland China, Taiwan
18th Floor, No. 16, South Guangshun St.
Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China 100102
GRAAL Agency
Graal Sp. z o.o. Pruszkowska 29/252
02-119 Warsza, Poland
International Editors’ Co. Literary Agency (IECO)
Còrsega 288, 1r 2a – 08008 Barcelona Spain
Ilídio Matos Literary Agency
Portugal (Portuguese)
Praça Olegário Mariano, 2 - 2º Dto.  1170-278 Lisboa, Portugal
JLM Literary Agency
9 Andrea Metaxa St. 106 81 Athens, Greece
John L. Moukakos
La Nouvelle Agence
7, rue Corneille, 75006 Paris, France
Oxford Literary and Rights Agency
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltics, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
10 Priors Lane SN7 8RX Hinton Waldrist
Oxfordshire England
Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency
The Netherlands (Dutch)
Herengracht 613, 1017 CE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jeanine Langenberg
Seibel Publishing Services
Brazil (Portuguese)
Estrada de São Bernardo, 296 1J 3810-174, Aveiro Portugal

Reiser Literary Agency
Strada di Valpiana 34
10132 Torino, Italy
Roberto Gilodi

Arrowsmith Agency
Poststrasse 14-16, D-20354 Hamburg, Germany
Alina Schoppach
Non-Exclusive Agents
Japan: English Agency Japan, Japan Uni, Tuttle-Mori Agency
Korea: Duran Kim Agency, Bestun Korea Agency, Eric Yang Agency
Turkey: AnatoliaLit Agency, Kalem Agency