Journal Awards Wasserman Prize

American Jewish History announced the winner of the annual Wasserman Prize, awarded to the best article from the previous volume.

Britt P. Tevis, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, won for her article "'The Hebrews are Appearing in Court in Great Numbers': Toward a Reassessment of Early Twentieth-Century American Jewish Immigration History" in Volume 100, Number 3 (July 2016). Tevis's article discusses Jewish immigrants who were determined "likely to become a public charge," the officials who worked to exclude them from the United States, and the Jewish lawyers who took up their cases. 

The committee also awarded an Honorable Mention to Sarah Imhoff for her article "Carlebach and the Unheard Stories." Professor Imhoff is an Assistant Professor in the Borns Jewish Studies Program and Religious Studies Department at Indiana University.