Read Across America Day

March 2 nd marks Read Across America Day! In honor of the occasion, we asked some of our authors about their favorite reading nooks. Here’s what they had to say… “ My favorite relaxing reading “nook” is in my comfy curved outdoor couch on our back deck. I light candles, grab a refreshing drink,...Read more

Cork Wars: Films Introduce a Story of Nature and Business in War

As a writer, it’s rare to feel that a story is destined for you. I felt that way with my first book, Ginseng, the Divine Root , about forests and a secretive subculture around a medicinal plant from American forests that for over two centuries has been exported to Asia. Years later in a library, I...Read more

Before and After Loss: A Neurologist’s Perspective on Loss, Grief and the Brain

Loss is traumatic. It wasn’t until I experienced my husband’s death that I learned how disorienting, harrowing and perilous it is to lose people close to us. To lose something that is simply basic to who we are and how we make sense of our lives. As a practicing neurologist, I thought I was...Read more

A Legacy of Usable Scholarship

Since 1938, the College English Association has served academics who seek to keep teaching college students as the focus of the profession. Its official publication, The CEA Critic , recently published a double issue commemorating its 80th anniversary with content from the history of the journal...Read more

Adapting to the Importance of the Student Misconduct Investigation

For colleges and universities, investigating discrimination, harassment, academic dishonesty, and other forms of wrongdoing that undermine the institution’s mission and academic programs has become nothing less than a critical preliminary step in support of disciplinary and/or corrective action...Read more

Take One Step Forward – Building Local and Regional Food Systems

Wendell Berry has inspired millions of farmers and farm advocates with his assertion that “eating is an agricultural act.” Food advocates and activists today are taking that further and showing that eating is also a political act. We can reclaim personal agency and power from the dominant system of...Read more