Read Across America Day

March 2 nd marks Read Across America Day! In honor of the occasion, we asked some of our authors about their favorite reading nooks. Here’s what they had to say… “ My favorite relaxing reading “nook” is in my comfy curved outdoor couch on our back deck. I light candles, grab a refreshing drink,...Read more

The Faulkner Journal

The Faulkner Journal is a peer-reviewed forum for the scholarly study of William Faulkner’s life and works. It publishes twice yearly. Periodic special issues are devoted to such topics as "Faulkner and Feminisms," "Faulkner the Reiver," and "Faulkner and Latin America." Affiliated with the William Faulkner Society, an organization that encourages Faulkner scholarship in all its scope and methodological diversity, The Faulkner Journal is advised by a board of distinguished scholars from around the world.

Asian Perspective

Asian Perspective applies an Asian lens to world and comparative politics. With its vital contemporary focus, it probes the regional, international, and transnational issues that affect Asia today. Asian Perspective is peer-reviewed and publishes quarterly. It is produced with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University. Now in its fourth decade, the journal welcomes interdisciplinary research and is committed to promoting a lively exchange of ideas between scholars and policymakers.