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"Here We Go Again": Censoring Public and School Libraries
By Wayne Wiegand In 1958, shortly after the Alabama Public Library Service Division acquired copies of a popular children’s book titled The Rabbits’ Wedding for statewide distribution through its bookmobiles, state lawmaker E. O. Eddins loudly objected. One of...
New Designs for Old Educational Traditions of Change
by José Antonio Bowen My new book, Teaching Change: How to Develop Independent Thinkers using Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection, argues that education needs to change, in part to reflect new technological and economic realities as well as new cognitive...
American Public School Librarianship: A History
By Wayne Weigand Over the past 120 years, millions of American K-12 public school students have used their school libraries billions of times, yet we still know very little about the history of these ubiquitous educational institutions that over the decades...