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Boomer to Doomer: Earth Defenders Don’t Despair!
For the first Earth Day in 1970, my eighth grade Earth science teacher asked the class what worried us about the environment. I said the proposed Alaska pipeline could leak; others spoke of dirty air and water. Our concerns were genuine and serious, but no one...
A lake in the shape of the world's continents in the middle of untouched nature.
Becoming a Wildlife Professional
The origin of Becoming a Wildlife Professional was conceived after 20 years of experience teaching introductory wildlife ecology to freshmen university students. During the first class of each new semester, students are asked what wildlife career they desire...
Water Resources: Science and Society
Water scarcity affects four of 10 people around the globe. Ninety percent of all natural disasters are water-related. The year is 2019, and we live in a highly connected world with endless technology at our fingertips, yet more than two billion people lack...